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What we do...

decluttering & organising
Living Room
wardrobe transformation
moving home
Key in the Lock

Whether it's a one-off decluttering session for a particularly "problem-some" area or a total declutter "home-offensive",

  • a cluttered sitting room that's impossible to relax in

  • the children's messy playroom 

  • the junk room piled high with "stuff"

  • the master bedroom that's more bomb-site than boudoir

  • the shed or attic that needs some TLC

  • rescuing the garage from clutter so that the car can fit

Stressed getting dressed?

Lots of clothes but nothing to wear?

  • a wardrobe review - picking the keepers that you feel great in and helping you let go of things you haven’t worn in years

  • sorting and organising your clothes and accessories, so that they are stored and displayed with style as well as function

  • wardrobe design solutions tailored to your needs and requirements

Moving home?

Buying a new place?

Selling your current home?

  • sorting, streamlining and organising your possessions, ensuring only the necessary and needed are packed

  • a home styling session to help your home sell or to make your new home feel like it's yours

  • installing systems in your new home to help you maintain an organised home

Declutter Dahling can help with...

Declutter Dahling can help with...

Declutter Dahling can help with...

paperwork & filing
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Desk drowning in paperwork?

Lots of tasks to action but don't know where to start?

  • Streamlining, decluttering and organising paperwork

  • Setting up simple, practical paperwork and "to-do" organisational systems that are easy to maintain

Declutter Dahling can help with...

space planning

Declutter Dahling can help with...

Do you feel that your home doesn't flow or "feel right"?

Love your furniture but can't work out where or in which room it looks best?

  • creative reorganisation of room layouts/furniture to optimise space, allowing the energy in your home to flow

  • interior and spatial design

storage solutions

Declutter Dahling can help with...

Don't know where to start when deciding on storage solutions suited to you and your organisational needs?

  • a "function and flow" room assessment to determine storage needs

  • storage recommendations  tailored to your needs and requirements, helping you maintain an organised home

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